joi, 18 august 2016

Shuttle service to Otopeni

As a foreigner in Eastern Europe I was initially expecting to be discouraged due to poor services here and to be derranged by the poverty, but in fact the thing are not at all this way.

My first contact with this part of Europe was about 3 years ago, when I was a little bit diasppointed that my company sent me in Romania in order to manage the local offices, and I was afraid of the city, afraid of the people, afraid of the fact that my life will be changing in bad.

So... my first contact was in fact with the guy that was checking my papers on the airport, as Romania in not in Schengen area, but the guy was very nice (not as I was expecting), smiled and wished me a good time in Bucharest - then again, in a couple of minutes, I was really impressed by the quality of the shuttle service from otopeni - which was in fact a Mercedes black cab, with a nice driver.

Also, the road from the airport from the offices was really great, as the driver went besides a very long and nice park with a lot of green, the city architecture is really great and what I have found later is the fact that the food was absolutely magnificent.

So, Bucharest, Romania and in fact I could say that all the Eastern Europe was to me something as a revelation and a very nice thing to experience, as those places were really great, as several things were actually better than in the western countries.

I would also recommend anyone to use the shuttle service in Bucharest, as the quality of services is really great, and the price of services is not high at all.

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