vineri, 19 august 2016

Virtual Tour provider software

The world of software services is becoming more and more interesting, as the web services technology became more and more interconnected, it seems that all kinds of services, software solutions, games and other applications are emerging constantly, targeting different devices.

Now, after a couple of years of development of the Smartphone industry it seems that most of the devices have reached the hardware performance of a personal computer form the beginning of the middle 2000 yeaars, which means that almost any kind of decent applications can be run directly from a pocket.

Also, as the industry evolved and the number of specialists became higher and higher, there are a lot of people that get used to purchase and use dedicated software solutions, while companies started developing software by their own needs.

But themost interesting development in this industry is in the area of the Software as a Service, or SaaS (as it is being named by the local specialists) which in fact is one of the greatest concepts behind the software and the internet - as for instance this allowed the creation of the virtual tour provider software solutions, as TourWizard.

Now... the huge advantage of the SaaS platforms consists in the fact that they can be used in multiple environments, and they do not depend on the fact that the software should be installed on a computer or on a fancy server, as they can be run from everywhere, as the service can be extrordinary flexible.

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